Onyx Silver tile Happy Floors

Onyx Porcelain Tile by Happy Floors

At last a porcelain tile that looks like real onyx. Natural onyx stone has become hard to find and therefore more expensive. Add the fact that porcelain requires zero maintenance and it’s a no brainer.

Colors : Onyx Silver, Onyx Milk, Onyx Honey

Sizes  : 12×24 and 8×47 natural (Matte) or polished

Mosaics : lots

Onyx honey tile by Happy Floors

Onyx honey tile by Happy Floors

Onyx Silver tile Happy Floors

Onyx Silver tile by Happy Floors

Onyx Milk tile by Happy Floors

Onyx Milk tile by Happy Floors

link : https://www.nstile.com/product-category/ceramic-and-porcelain-tile-for-floors-and-walls/non-stock-ceramic-porcelain-tiles/onyx-pocelain/

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Exotic stone lagoon happy floors

Exotic Stone tile by Happy Floors

This time they knocked it out of the park! Exotic Stone is truly a gorgeous tile in a range of sizes, colors, and finishes. Stunning blues (they’re hard to find) and rich taupes for use in many applications.

Colors : Exotic Stone Lagoon, Tundra, Arctic and Fossil

Sizes : 8×47 and 12×24 Matte or Polished

Mosaics : 2×2, Hexagon and Muretto (Waterfall)

Trim : 3×24 Bullnose

Exotic stone arctic happy floors

Exotic stone arctic happy floors

Exotic stone fossil happy floors

Exotic stone fossil happy floors

Exotic stone lagoon happy floors

Exotic stone lagoon happy floors

Exotic stone tundra happy floors

Exotic stone tundra happy floors

Link : https://www.nstile.com/product-category/ceramic-and-porcelain-tile-for-floors-and-walls/non-stock-ceramic-porcelain-tiles/exotic-stone/http://www.nstile.com/Floor-Tile/exoticstoneporce.html

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Silk Marble-Look Porcelain Tile

Silk large-format porcelain tile is perfect for a marble-look for anyone wanting less maintenance and/or less cost than actual marble. All four colors are available in a honed (matte) finish with coordinating 2×2 mosaics and bullnose trim.

Sizes : 15×30 and 2×2 mosaic

Trim : 3×30 bullnose trim


Silk Carrara tile


Silk Emperador tile


Silk Palisandro tile


Silk Sierra tile


Silk Sierra room scene

Link to site : https://www.nstile.com/product-category/ceramic-and-porcelain-tile-for-floors-and-walls/in-stock-ceramic-porcelain/silk-marble-look/

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Kiruna Beige Grey wood look tile

Kiruna wood look tile


Yes it has your basic beige overtone but adds a rust, cool grey (blue-ish) and other highlight colors for a truly unique look. We have it in stock and it really is gorgeous.

Sizes : 8×48

Link : https://www.nstile.com/product-category/ceramic-and-porcelain-tile-for-floors-and-walls/in-stock-ceramic-porcelain/kiruna-wood-look/

on Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/nstile/kiruna-wood-look-floor-and-wall-tile/

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Kiruna Beige Grey wood look tile

Kiruna Beige Grey wood look tile


X-Rock tile by Happy Floors | X-Rock N, X-Rock W, X-Rock B, X-Rock W

For anyone interested in a stone-look tile but with a minimalist feel there is X-Rock. A very soft looking limestone-look porcelain tile. It has a little texture but will be very easy to keep clean.

Colors : X-Rock Beige, X-Rock Nero, X-Rock Grey, X-Rock White

Sizes : 12×24, 24×24, and 24×48 (that’s right! 24×48)

Mosaics : 2×2

Trim : 3×24 bullnose

Link : https://www.nstile.com/product-category/ceramic-and-porcelain-tile-for-floors-and-walls/non-stock-ceramic-porcelain-tiles/x-rock/


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on Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/nstile/x-rock-tile-by-happy-floors-x-rock-w-g-n-b/


Tivoli tile by Happy Floors | Tivoli Bianco, Grigio, Dorato, Foresta

Porcelain tile that beautifully replicated Italian Limestones (but with zero maintenance and for WAY less cost).

Available in 4 colors :  Tivoli Bianco, Tivoli Grigio, Tivoli Dorato, Tivoli Foresta

2 sizes : 12×24 and 8×32

2 mosaics : 2×2 and 1.25×4

and bullnose trim to finish it off.

Link : https://www.nstile.com/product-category/ceramic-and-porcelain-tile-for-floors-and-walls/non-stock-ceramic-porcelain-tiles/tivoli-happy-floors/

Tivoli-Grigio happy floors tile


Tivoli-foresta happy floors tile



Tivoli-dorato-happy floors


Tivoli-Bianco-happy floors

Tivoli Bianco

on Houzz : https://www.houzz.com/projects/2524847/tivoli-tile-by-happy-floors-tivoli-bianco-grigio-dorato-foresta

on Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/nstile/tivoli-tile-by-happy-floors-tivoli-bianco-foresta-/



Marble Attache Porcelain Tile

Do you think marble tile is a pain to maintain? Think it scratches? Think it doesn’t look natural enough? Marble Attache is awesome! All the benefits of Porcelain Tile, incredibly (really) deep, rich colors, large formats, mosaics, bullnose, and more.

Colors : Marble Attache Amani, Marble Attache Crux, Marble Attache Turkish Skyline, Marble Attache Calacatta, Marble Attache Nero, Marble Attache Travertine

Sizes : 12×24, 12×48, 24×24, Bullnose trim and Mosaics

Link : https://www.nstile.com/product-category/ceramic-and-porcelain-tile-for-floors-and-walls/non-stock-ceramic-porcelain-tiles/marble-attache/
Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/nstile/marble-attache-marble-look-porcelain-tile/