Tivoli tile by Happy Floors | Tivoli Bianco, Grigio, Dorato, Foresta

Porcelain tile that beautifully replicated Italian Limestones (but with zero maintenance and for WAY less cost).

Available in 4 colors :  Tivoli Bianco, Tivoli Grigio, Tivoli Dorato, Tivoli Foresta

2 sizes : 12×24 and 8×32

2 mosaics : 2×2 and 1.25×4

and bullnose trim to finish it off.

Link : https://www.nstile.com/product-category/ceramic-and-porcelain-tile-for-floors-and-walls/non-stock-ceramic-porcelain-tiles/tivoli-happy-floors/

Tivoli-Grigio happy floors tile


Tivoli-foresta happy floors tile



Tivoli-dorato-happy floors


Tivoli-Bianco-happy floors

Tivoli Bianco

on Houzz : https://www.houzz.com/projects/2524847/tivoli-tile-by-happy-floors-tivoli-bianco-grigio-dorato-foresta

on Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/nstile/tivoli-tile-by-happy-floors-tivoli-bianco-foresta-/


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