Tile Installation of Mesh Mounted Flagstone (Slate Flagging)

1. Surface Requirement

• Meshed Flagstone is best installed over a sub-base. Mesh Flagstone is not design for Sand set installation. Entire installation surface must be clean and flat, and free of sealants, grease and other oily compounds.

• Before you set the stone, find the center point of the room. Measure the length and width of the room, marking the halfway points.

• Dry lay the mesh in order to determine where the cuts will need to be made at the edges. Set the first mesh in the center of the room.

2. Setting the Flagstone

• Use a masonry 1⁄2” square notch trowel to spread an even layer of mortar – approximately 1⁄2 inch thick. Spread the mortar out in an area that is slightly larger than the size of one piece of Mesh Flagstone.

• Set the Meshed Flagstone and firmly press it

into mortar bed to ensure that the mesh backing penetrated into mortar. Use a level or other straight edge to ensure a flat and consistent surface from one piece to another piece. You may have to

use a rubber mallet to tap down high points.

• It’s a good idea to wipe the stones clean as you set them. Keep a bucket of clean water and a sponge to wipe off the thin set.

3.Making a Template

• You will need to make cuts.

• It’s helpful to create a template (use cardboard or

large thick paper) to show the exact shape of the partial mesh section to fill the gap created by walls or other straight borders. Simply place a straight edge of your cardboard along the wall and draw the outline of the area to be filled with partial mesh section.

• Transfer the template onto the section of mesh that must be cut. Spread the layer of mortar and set the newly cut mesh section gently in place.

4. Grout Installation

• Prepare your selected sanded grout according to the grout preparation guide on package. Fill the grout with wet sponge; making sure no grout is left behind on the surface of the stone.

5.Sealer (Optional)

• To protect your stone from stains and spills, we recommended sealing the stone and grout.place a straight edge of your cardboard along the wall and draw the outline of the area to be filled with partial mesh section.


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